Sept 22nd Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle

Sept 22nd Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle


Sept 22nd Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle

3.00pm-4.30pm Coldfall Woods

Jane Goodall – “I listen to my intuition”

This month Jane Goodall reminds us to give our daughters and ourselves a most important gift: the permission and encouragement to tune into, listen and trust our intuition. 

We will explore this wise source within and remind ourselves that we can call upon our intuition at anytime for answers and guidance. The intuitive life is one of confidence, inner peace and creative expression. What a gift to give ourselves and our daughters.

Join us in circle for meditation, thought provoking discussion and engaging activities inspired by Jane Goodall.

“My mother always taught us that if people don’t agree with you, the important thing is to listen to them. But if you’ve listened to them carefully and you still think that you’re right, then you must have the courage of your convictions.” Jane Goodall

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