Mala Bead Diffuser Necklace Workshop

Mala Bead Diffuser Necklace Workshop



Join us for this divinely chilled out Sunday Workshop, and leave with your own Mala Bead Diffuser Necklace, made with your own fair hands, and a sample of doTERRA Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil of your choice, to use with it. 

During the workshop, Carla from the Wilderness Craft Club, and Jenny, Homeopath and doTERRA Essential Oil Consultant, will show you how to carry the benefits of Gemstones and Essential Oils with you whever you go in this hands on, Mala Bead making workshop. We will be incorporating lava beads into our mala necklaces, so that we can carry a drop of our favourite essential oil with us throughout the day. Since you are making it yourself, you may choose if you wish to place your oil diffusing lava beads at the back of your neck, over your heart or thyroid, and while you are deciding as you thread your beads, Jenny will be demonstrating and talking you through some of the benefits of the most popular Essential Oils and blends used for meditation, mindfulness and mood management.

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