The Next Chapter...


As I sit here tapping away at my keyboard penning my thoughts with less than 48 hours till our launch, I reflect on how and why I am here.

Tomato Tutors came into my life 18 months ago and in that time I have not looked back once. I am a great believer in fate so when my path crossed with Tomato Tutor founder Laura Alvarado, destiny began to set out its path for me, I knew there was only going to be positivity and new adventures around the corner.

My journey with the company has enabled me to develop my experiences of teaching to help nurture others in their own educational journey and path of self discovery.

Throughout my career as a teacher I have seen too often children and young adults cracking under the pressures of modern society and that is why despite, all the blood, sweat and tears to be at the final stages of opening such a wonderful space makes it so worthwhile.

Whilst not ignoring the importance of academic achievement we must also concentrate on the wellbeing of the individual and this is what Tomato Tutors will be providing at our new holistic education studio. We want to share our philosophy of restoring balance back into daily life, having good health both physically and mentally and how this can do wonders for academic and creative achievement.

As a mother of one very independent and self confident two year old I am constantly thinking of ways to channel her energy so for me to open a space for her to explore her creativity is so personally valuable.

With our studio we want to bring to the community a space where children and their families can develop self esteem, inner confidence as well as a place for independent discovery. I hope that our whole community will not only enjoy and benefit from our studio but also take away knowledge and confidence to implement a holistic education approach at home and in their lives.

As I look around our space I have that feeling of being on the brink of being able to make a difference. With Tomato Tutors I want to create a union between child, parent and educators which will in turn help gain a sustainable pathway to learning that will not neglect or hinder happiness but only enhance every part in our future generation.   

Beth Fordham