Holiday Camps

Tomato Tutors offers unique experiences for children of all ages during all of the seasons. We create engaging learning experiences that encourage young campers to embark on: nature investigations, art explorations, literary journeys, and mathematical play.

Our approach to learning inspires children to see topics through a variety of perspectives. Education comes to life as we explore scientific concepts through an interdisciplinary lens—developing literacy, numeracy, fine-motor, and social skills.

Campers can enjoy outdoor investigations, at our local park, as well as personalised learning experiences at Sweet Tree farm, located in Mill Hill and Meadow Orchard Project in Crouch End.



This half term camp is for children who love to explore the world around them but at their own pace. We will spend time making kinetic sculptures, doing craft - weaving and stitching, doing outdoor cooking, flower pressing, den building, making fires.

Wednesday 25th October - Day 1 - East Finchley
We will meet at our Secret HQ, aka Tomato Tutors Studio in East FInchley, where we will collect our detective kits to head out on a nature trail filled with den building and treasure hunting. Weather permitting, we will enjoy our lunch outdoors before heading back to our base to use some of our nature treasures in craft and art activities. Today we are exporing WHAT is around us and WHERE it lives.

Thursday 26th October - Day 2 - East Finchley
On Day 2 of our creative and imaginative camp, we will be in the studio. There will be a choice of activity and the chance to have a go at both the science experiments and Limerick writing and word play games. Today we are exploring HOW and WHY things work they way they do.

Friday 27th October - Day 3 - Crouch End
We venture further afield and can bring our parents/carers along with us... We will be exploring, caring and making at the Meadow Orchard in Crouch End. We will be practising our fire lighting skills, making mini tipis and fairy dens. The land we will be using is very special and very beautiful and we can learn all about the protected species of Yellow Ants and different Invertebrates. Today we are exporing WHEN living things grow and fade and HOW we could survive if we lived in the wild.

Parents are welcome to attend our outdoor camp day at The Meadow Orchard and there is a cheaper ticket price if you attend with your children.

This camp is suitable for 4 years and upwards.

Places are limited as we want to keep this camp as calm and nurturing as possible.

You can book for one day, two or all three. 

Price for one day: £60
For two days: £100
For three days: £120


There is a 15% discount for siblings if you book before the end of Tuesday 17th October.

Food and healthy snacks will be provided, but please bring a packed lunch.

To find out more or to book a place: