Laura Alvarado has been a tutor for 14 consecutive years, teaching both Mathematics, Science and English as well as having had taught on the Illustration BA degree at Middlesex University. After having her son, she wanted to set up the kind of organisation that would help families to raise children as whole beings that would grow to be people who would deeply care about the planet we live on, the people around us and to know the real meaning of self-love. Laura believes that this is possible by treating education as an inter-connected and continuous journey. After having been introduced to Beth Fordham in February 2016 and building a wonderful working partnership, it was not many months before they took on the challenge to create a holistic education studio. Laura and Beth enjoy collaborating with many other educators, therapists and practitioners to empower parents and children to nurture and deepen their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas.



We like to think of our team as gardeners tending to crops. The tomato is a special fruit which requires diligent attention and care, with the potential for growth. To grow a perfect tomato you have to look after the whole group. Our approach to learning and teaching, is caring for each individual student and their families. We believe restoring balance back into daily life and having a good health, both physically and mentally, does wonders for academic achievement and creative expression. 




Laura (Founder and Educator)

Being incredibly passionate about The Arts, Mathematics and Science and having fourteen continuous years' tutoring experience, I have refined and developed a unique way of teaching. I have also taught on the BA Illustration degree course at Middlesex University. My grandfather was Physics professor at university level and I intend to carry on teaching with the same dedication he gave to his subject and his pupils.

I am also keen to expand the ways that we can continue to educate our children and students outside of the traditional, formal setting. I will be a fully qualified Forest School leader this Autumn.

Tomato Tutors is my second baby and I enjoy watching is grow and gain its own momentum and journey. Running my own local business allows me to be a hands on mother to my 4 year old son.




Beth (Director and Educator)

A qualified teacher of English and former Deputy Head of Year 11 in an ‘Outstanding’ North London School.

Teaching to me has always been a vocation, a chance for me to nurture young people and equip them with the skills to move forward with the next chapter of their lives.

Everyday Tomato Tutors allows me to use my knowledge and ideas to inspire and enrich young children as well supporting their families with the increasing pressures in today’s society.


Marie (Creative writing and SEN therapist)

I hold over 15 years experience of working with students of all ages. I have worked in a Montessori school setting as well as further education college. My talents lie in being able to work particularly well with students who have Special Educational Needs. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and this year will complete my second Masters Degree in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. 

I facilitate a person's healing through writing and poetry. This enables me to work with people of all ages. When we work with parents and children together, we witness some very profound shifts and changes.