Next session: Sun. 24th Feb, 3:00-4:30pm

Once a month on a Sunday afternoon, Beth and Laura are coming together with Ruth Sabrosa, hypnobirthing teacher and mother, to bring a space for you to connect in a deep and meaningful way with your daughters. We will be exploring the different values and strength which we want to ourselves and our girls to foster and embody. We will explore tools and techniques to bring radical self-care into your daily lives and our to manage and protect sensitive energy systems. Each month we will focus on a different affirmation based on a particular woman in history, with lots of fun and bonding activities.

LITTLE SISTERS - 6-10 years old


We educate and inspire children, giving them a lifetime love of learning through our unique and holistic approach to education. Our focus is always on the individual needs of each student and their family.




Tomato Tutors offers a range of services to encourage and give reassurance to both child and parent. We have sessions and workshops for all ages, from baby sensory classes to GCSE revision courses. If you are looking for a Physics and Maths tutor or want to help your child, who may have Dyslexia or Dyscalculia, we can be of help. We believe in the importance of play and we are very excited to keep the love of learning alive in our Holistic Education Studio in North London. To have happy and healthy children, parents must also be looked after, and that is why we have tailored classes for parents during the day and in the evening, such as our New Mothers Circle Time and workshops on Internet Safety and Nutrition.